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Dedicated to producing some version of perfection in his work. Gets things done. Uses time wisely. Finds solutions in the dark. Accomplished business person, songwriter, computer systems professional and home builder.

Lives and works in Southern Ontario, Canada. Born in Scotland. Spent over 20 years in the city of Toronto providing creative, production and technology consulting services to advertising, retail, publishing and technology businesses. Built a home and music studio outside the city in 2008. Currently providing document analysis, writing, research and technology to local businesses and groups, UN-NGOs and affiliated agencies. From Hamilton, Ontario

2018 resume

This picture was taken by Paula, east of Blackstock.


  • Projects and computer systems: software programs, project management and support technologies;
  • Software and database designer, internet services, webiste developer, Wordpress;
  • Audio and video producer / musician / composer / corporate communications; copy and technical writer, researcher;
  • Accounting services and business consulting; resources management and forecasting; documentation specialist; real estate and contracts advocate.

2018 resume


  • Project supervisor and business management consultant; ideas, reporting, workflows, presentations;
  • Proficient in Macintosh, Windows and Unix computers and secure networks; desktop solutions specialist;
  • Working knowledge of HTML, PHP, SQL programming including database design and administration;
  • Experienced graphic designer, lo-fi audio and video producer, back-to-basics website and print specialist;
  • Award-winning songwriter, part time screenwriter, performing and visual artist; speaker and speech writer.
  • Technology partner: projects and customer support; public relations and advertising agency, 1994;
  • Database administrator, technical consultant, production artist: large Canadian publishers, 1998;
  • Chief technology officer and project manager: executive recruitment and management firm, 2000
  • Partnership in WebCatt, family business: boutique style ISP and project/solutions incubator since 2001;
  • Homebuilder, house and garden renovations, interior design and green solutions; property administration.
  • Handyman: when I moved back to the city I began working part time as a handy man. I guess I was popular as the little company grew into something my old truck wasn't prepared for. In the end I kept the tools and I enjoy working with them still - just not so much.
  • We started to design this house when we lived in Toronto. We worked with an Architect (Rohan Walters) to establish the structural design of the place and then used some local builders, a lot of green technology and much blood and sweat to erect this home. It was originally a three bedroom bungalow. We added the studio and about 1500 square feet. It was built on the Oak Ridges Moraine so no new holes were dug but all septic and wiring were replaced. So I learned a few things about building stuff.

2018 resume


I have been into publishing since my time at Sheridan College. At that time, only print publishing was available to me. I started my publishing company (Next Level Press) in 1991. I have been able to publish one, two-volume History (Burma Liberators) by Jack R.W. Gwyne Timothy. I also published an educational video about Equine Massage, which I wrote a soundtrack for, and narrated by a professional travel writer. Next Level Press also published an ebook about teaching university courses online which we made into a free ebook download for teachers.

The three records were in fact self published. I will formalize Mouthful of Records as a true music label this year. I started Mouthful of Records in 2008 as a side busines to support some local talent that were helping me.

My music is also carried by a number of publisher's representatives and available on iTunes and CDBaby and at Music Supervisor, and can be heard on web radio stations around the world.

Project Reel

A presentation of some of my interests from 1985-2014.

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Here are some songs from my first record called Oddly Enough (2008) available here

Here are some songs from my second record called Tiles from the Amber Room (2012) available here

Here is song 1 from the new album, One Lane Bridge (2017) available here.

Here are clips from the new album, One Lane Bridge (April, 2017) available here. See the video for Wandering here

This is my EP, released 2010, called Took A Bus -- The 3 song EP can be downloaded for free as a relatively good MP3 here. or listen to it below

This is one of two YouTube playlists of influences.

This is two of two YouTube playlists of influences.